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Coronavirus - COVID-19: Please note the pivotal message from the government guidance is: Wherever possible, children should be kept safe at home and only those children of "critical workers" who absolutely need to attend school should do so. The fewer the children making the journey to school, the lower the risk that the virus can spread and infect more vulnerable individuals in wider society.

School Dinners

School Meals MUST be paid for weekly, (or half-termly or termly) in advance on a Monday morning, and the money sent into class with your child in a named envelope.


Harrison Catering ensure quality in all their school meals and pride themselves on fulfilling their promises to cook and serve fresh meals on-site. We are offered meal services tailored to our particular needs, with local and ethnic variations catered for as a matter of course.


'Our catering service is based on real cooking with real ingredients, creating varied and delicious menus which not only help inspire your students to ocncentrate and achieve, but promote healthy lifestyle choices.Our ability to create fabulous food from fresh, carefully sourced ingredients (over 65% of which are sourced from within the UK) gave us a natural advantage when faced with the introduction of Nutrient-based Standards for school lunches: as challenging as the standards are, we were in the position to adapt existing menus to fit, rather than having to remove unhealthy options and start from scratch.' 



Please see the latest menu by clicking below:

Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction, which is becoming more common, and in an extreme situation could be life threatening. For this reason we ask parents not to include nuts or nut products in packed lunches and to provide an alternative to peanut butter or chocolate spread sandwiches.