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Brampton Primary Academy

Striving to Reach the Best


To inspire everyone to strive for their best and to work with others within a caring, secure environment!


 Mission Statement


Brampton Primary Academy is a school firmly embedded in strong cultural, social and moral values in which every individual can flourish and contribute positively. Children and adults will flourish in the school: academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually so that all dimensions of humanity are nurtured.


Aims and Ethos 


  • High quality and determined leadership
  • Equip children with the skills and attitudes needed to succeed in the 21st century
  • Exceptional, inclusive education and opportunities for all children
  • Have high expectations of every child and value them as individuals
  • Utilise creativity to promote life-long learning
  • Celebrate diversity, challenge prejudice and bullying
  • Provide a safe and supportive environment which empowers children to achieve their best
  • Have strong, meaningful links with parents, carers and the local and global community


Our six key drivers are


  • Clear and simple leadership structures and accountability
  • Transparent and honest feedback
  • Efficient systems and procedures that allow schools to concentrate on their core purpose
  • Exceptional behaviour systems which ensure good manners and respect for each individual
  • An innovative curriculum based on collaborative learning and independent thinking
  • Effective resource management that supports school improvement