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Children in Brampton Primary School follow Letters and Sounds for their phonics learning. They also learn from Jolly Phonics alongside this.




Below is a video taken from Letters and Sounds which shows the articulation of the phonemes your children will learn whilst in school.

Whilst in Reception, the children learn a variety of Jolly Phonics songs that sing along to the tune of familiar rhymes. The songs have accompanying actions and characters that your children may be able to tell you about. A video below shows the songs with a description of the action in the order in which they are learnt, according to Letters and Sounds.

Alongside Jolly Phonics, teachers use a website called Phonics Play for interactive games and ideas within their lessons. As a parents you can access the site for free or sign up for a yearly subscription for just £12. They also plays lots of hands on games and complete practical activities. Have a look at the gallery at the bottom of the page for some ideas and inspiration for at home!


Below are the Parent Presentations given and leaflets handed out within the workshops.

Ideas and inspiration for fun filled, practical activities at home in a gallery below.